Mini-Factory Car Windshield Snow Cover / Sun Shade Protector Exterior Shield Guard – All Weather – Sun, Snow, Ice, Frost and Wind Proof – Extra Thick – Door Flaps

The Car Windshield Cover came the day before the big winter storm hit Michigan. I placed it on my windshield once I got to work before the snow started to fall. It is easy to apply, simply close the flaps in the front door on each side of the car and lift the windshield wipers so it is secure underneath them. It was windy outside, but the wind did not move the shield. When I went to my car at the end of the day it was covered with snow all the way around. I opened my front door and flopped the shield across the front of my car. All of the snow came right off. I wish I could have a shield for all my windows! The shield has eliminated the need to scrap my large front window every morning. I plan to use it as a sun reflector year round as well. I received the car windshield cover at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. #ad

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