A Wine Chilling Stick is one of the best inventions ever! Place it in the freezer for an hour and the gel inside freezes. Pop the cork off your wine bottle, pour a small amount of wine in a glass before placing the chilling stick inside the bottle. The screw on pouring spout has a rubber ring that seals the opening in your wine bottle, allowing for spill proof pouring. Pour a glass and enjoy while the bottle continues to keep the remaining wine in the bottle chilled on your countertop. Wash in the sink after use and place back in the freezer for the next bottle of wine. Combine this item with a bottle of wine for a great gift idea.

Wine Chilling Sticks are available for sale on Amazon by Ramini Brands.

I received my Wine Chilling Stick at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. #ad #discount