14Peppermint Clarifying Condition makes your head tingle as the peppermint cools your scalp. It has a very refreshing mint smell that helps to wake me up in the shower each morning. I am very selective about my shampoo and conditioners. I work at a Beauty School and we teach the students that not every product is good for your hair. I have reviewed the ingredients of this product and approve it for daily use. I love how thick the conditioner is from the moment I squeeze it from the 16 fl. oz. plastic bottle with a flip cap lid. It washes out easily, does not leave a filmy residue and leaves my hair feeling moisturized, shiny and full of body. I have thick hair and need a conditioner that helps with the comb out process. This conditioner helps with eliminating tangles. After blow drying my hair feels healthy and is full of volume, not the feel of being weighed down by a heavy conditioner. I received the Peppermint Clarifying Conditioner at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. #ad

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