23I bought the car cover to cover my 1982 Camaro that is stored in my garage. I mainly wanted to keep the dust off my car, but it is also important to me that moisture does not get trapped between the cover and car. The cover was easy to put on. I started at the front of the car, tucked the elastic band under the front of the car and pulled across the top to the back. There is also an elastic band at the back of the cover that fits under the rear of the car to keep it secure. The cover I ordered was a little large (Sedan), but I’m ok with it being large since it is not going to be out in the wind. The cover does have attached straps that can be used to help secure it. The fabric has waffled like print and is light weight but not too light weight. The stitching on the seams appears to be strong. The cover came with a storage bag for easy storage when not being used on the car. I received the Car Cover at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. #ad

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