I do a lot of traveling and usually weight myself and my luggage on my bathroom scale, and then subtract my weight to figure out the weight of my bag. I no longer have to do that! This handy little scale is so convenient and accurate. It comes with a lifetime battery that is easy to slip in to the battery compartment. I’m not sure that I’m convinced that it will last forever so I take it out between uses. When you are ready to use the digital luggage scale simply attach the strap of your luggage to the scale with the nylon strap that loops around the strap of your luggage and connects at the top by the scale. Turn on the digital display by clicking on the button. To change the weight specification from kilograms quickly press the button as soon as you switch it on. It will change from kg (kilograms) to lbs (pounds) to g (grams) and then oz (ounces). When you switch it on and off again, it will remember the last setting. Lift your bag attached by the strap and the digital display will tell you the weight of your bag. No more guessing and no more costly surprises at the airport. I received the Luggage Scale at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. #ad

Available on Amazon by brill’travel