Have you seen the 3D Pens that allow you to create art with plastic filament that comes in a variety of colors? I purchased a 3D Pen to give my grandson as a Christmas Gift. I have been looking for a good deal on 1.75mm ABS filament, so he can have fun using the 3D pen. I found a great deal on the 3D Pen ABS Filament on Amazon and purchased two of the kits. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived because not only did I get 12 regular colors and 3 glowing colors of ABS filament, but it also came with a black storage bag, working board plate and melting scraper. Each spool of filament is 16 ft. long for a total of 240 ft. of ABS filament fun! I can’t wait to see what my grandson is able to create with all of the different colors. #AD #discount

Available on Amazon by Blusmart