My son has a built in pool in his backyard. Every summer he struggles with the pH levels of the water in the pool. When I saw this digital pH meter I knew I had to purchase it for him. He usually uses the paper strips that you dip in the pool water and then compare the color of the results on the strip to a color chart. It is always a guessing game as to which shade the test stripe results match.

The meter is easy to calibrate and comes with buffer solution for calibration. Simply dissolve each buffer solution in 250 ml of distilled water. Immerse the electrode into the solution and press the calibration button. Wait for the lights to stop flashing and then test the meter for proper calibration.

The meter comes in a nice plastic storage case. The LCD display is bright and makes the meter so easy to read. I can’t wait for my son to use this pH meter for testing the pool water this next summer. I am confident that an accurate reading is going to help with the clarity of the water. #AD #discount

This Digital pH Meter is available on Amazon by Box Paradise