If you are looking for a portable digital scale that is lightweight and easy to use, I recommend the digital scale by Anglebrook. It comes complete with a strap that can be attached to a luggage bag or a hook for weighing fish. Weigh your packages, household items, produce, gardening supplies, backpacking items, or just about anything with this scale. It will accurately weight .01 ounces up to 110 pounds.

When I travel I always weigh my luggage before heading to the airport, because I don’t want to be surprised with overweight luggage fees. This digital scale is lightweight enough that I can pack it, and take it on trips so I can weigh my luggage before heading to the airport on the return trip. Again eliminating any surprises at the airport.

The scale includes a Tare feature. Weigh items in any container! Simply hang the container first, press the TARE button which resets the weight to zero – then add the items you want to weight. The weight of the container will automatically be subtracted!

The UNIT measure button switches between lb, kg, oz, and jin weights.

The power saving feature in the Anglebrook portable digital scale will automatically turn off the back-light after 25 seconds, and turn the scale off after 1 minute of inactivity.

The digital scale is available on Amazon and comes with (2) AAA batteries and the bonus luggage strap. The LED

I received the digital scale at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. #AD