When I purchased the Dancing Nail set I thought it would come with a nail art stamping template as well, but it does not. The Dancing Nail Art Stamp set includes 3 stampers (one double sided), and 4 scrapers (2 metal and 2 plastic). The set has three different size round stamps and a rectangular shaped stamp. You can not use the stamper set without a nail art plate with designs.

The process for apply nail art to your nails includes apply your choice of nail polish color to a design on a design plate. The scrapers are used to scrape the excess polish off the plate. Once the excess polish is removed, one of the rubber stampers could be used to pick up the polish design from the plate and then apply to your fingernail.

I received the Dancing Nail Art Stamp set at no cost in exchange for my honest review. #AD #discount #nailart

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