I have been looking for a comfortable headphone headset that my husband could use while watching YouTube videos or playing games on the computer. He usually uses earbuds, but complains that they hurt his ears after an extended period of time. I decided to try a headphone headset with comfortable ear cushions. The cushions on this set are extra soft and very cushy. This set is lightweight and adjustable to your head size. It fits comfortably on your head, and the sound quality is excellent.The cable is 6 ft. long, giving you plenty of cord to use this headset for gaming or working at a desk. The cord includes a mute button and slide volume control button. There is also a mic in the control button that could be used in gaming.

The headphones are compatible with various devices including tablets, PC, Sony, Android, Kindle, Samsung and Apple devices, iPod, iPhone, iPad, MacBook and other smartphones.

I received the headphone headset at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. #AD #discount

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