Are you one of the people that set your alarm early on Black Friday so you can be one of the first in line to get a bargain item? I used to hear the stories about all the great sales, and watch the news reports about people getting in fights and running over each other as they rushed the store doors. It wasn’t until probably five years ago that I actually experienced Black Friday shopping for myself. I have been hooked ever since. There is something about the rush of the crowds that you have to experience first hand. It is such an adrenaline rush!

This year I took my daughter with me to Menard’s for a 6:00 AM sale. We arrived about 15 minutes early and noticed that the line wrapped twice around the side of the building. People were standing in the rain waiting for the doors to open. We sat in the car until we saw the lines start to move and then decided to join the end of the line as it twisted around the building. My daughter asked what could be worth standing in line for hours to get? As we were still waiting to go in the door we saw a man leaving the store with a small generator on his cart. He had scored the sale he waited hours to get. I commented that he probably got in line at midnight to save a few dollars on that small generator.

The night before my daughter and I planned our trip. Being a veteran Black Friday shopper I knew that getting a shopping cart at Menard’s was not a good idea. People with carts can not get down the aisles. I have seen people in past years take plastic storage bins off the shelves and fill them with items until they checked out. We decided to take an Ikea shopping bag with us. As we went flying through the crowds with our Ikea shopping bag I thought that more people needed to be educated on how to shop smarter on Black Friday. The aisles were crowded with carts and people barely moving. We were able to work our way around the carts, fill our Ikea bag with everything on our list and exit the store within 15 minutes.

On to the next store!