Best Housebreaking Tool For Dogs & Puppies by Mindful Pets

The potty training jingle doorbells are quality made. The nylon strap is 3′ long and has adjustable heavy duty snaps at the top. It easily fits over any style door handle. The strap is 1″ wide and has six 1 1/2″ bells attached at three different levels on the strap.  The strap hangs low enough that my Shih Tzu can easily touch the lowest set of bells with her nose. She can reach up with her paws and touch the second set of bells. My Shih Tzu never barks when she needs to go out. I thought that maybe I could train her to use the bells to signal she needs to go out. We have been training her with treats attached to the bells, so we can ease her into using the bells and rewarding her with treats when she comes inside. The sound of the bells is not too loud that she is afraid of them. She doesn’t seem to mind the bells at all. We haven’t fully achieved potty training with the bells, but will continue our training in hopes that she catches on.

I received the potty training bells at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. #AD #review #gotfree #sponsored

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