A week ago I had over 500 “Friends” on Facebook. I started looking through the list and thought, why are some of these people my friends? I don’t really know them do I? I started thinking about how I was connected to several of the people on the list and slowly removing several. I doubt they will ever notice that they have been unfriended, unless they have F.B. Purity installed, which will notify you when you have been unfriended.

A few days after doing the friend list cleanse, I created a Facebook event for an online LuLaRoe party I’m hosting. I went through my friend list and invited many female friends that I thought would participate in my online event. A few of my loyal friends accepted the invite and a few said maybe. Nobody said I can’t go. I waited a day and then realized that I could see who had seen the invite, but had not responded. I personally have received invites and ignored them so figured that was what was happening. But then my thoughts went back to why are some of these people my “friend” on Facebook? If they never like my posts, never comment on my posts or pictures and now they are ignoring my event invite….why are they my friend? Is it so they can lurk and spy on my personal life? Do they really see all of my posts and keep up on my personal life but don’t ever share in it? If I died tomorrow would they send a condolence card to my family or come to my funeral? I started to question again who is really my friend.  I decided to send a personal message to everyone that had not responded to my event invite. I reminded them of my upcoming party and encouraged them to participate in the discussion and contests that were happening in my event group. Encouraged them to share with others how you know me, etc. Again, when you send a private message to someone on Facebook you can see if they have viewed it. MANY of my friends ignored my personal message to them. Was it because it was for a party that they had no interest in? Ok, maybe that was the case but why not say “Can’t Go” and at least respond in some way? I find it extremely rude that they totally ignored me.

I’ve learned two things as a result of all of this. First, I will always respond to every Event Invite I receive on Facebook, even if it is to say I can’t go. The second thing I learned, and the most important thing is that not everyone on your friend list is your friend. So before you accept the next friend request, I suggest that you decide if you really want that person all up in your business, lurking and not interacting with you. If you are ok with that go ahead and accept the friend request. Otherwise, you will find yourself in the position I am in….slowly removing so called friends.